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Cherry Blossam Baby shower

Price : ₹15,000.00


Cherry blossom is a beautiful and popular theme for a baby shower. Here are some ideas for cherry blossom baby shower decorations:

1. Cherry blossom branches: Use real or artificial cherry blossom branches as a centerpiece or to decorate the room. You can place them in a vase or hang them from the ceiling.

2. Paper lanterns: Hang pink or white paper lanterns throughout the room to create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

3. Tableware: Use pink or white plates, cups, and napkins with cherry blossom designs to add a touch of elegance to the table.

4. Floral arrangements: Create floral arrangements using cherry blossoms, roses, and other soft pink flowers. Place them on the tables or throughout the room.

5. Cherry blossom garland: Use a cherry blossom garland to decorate the tables, chairs, or walls. You can also create a photo backdrop with the garland.

6. Cherry blossom-inspired desserts: Serve desserts such as cherry blossom cupcakes, cake pops, or macarons with a cherry blossom design.

7. Cherry blossom favors: Give guests cherry blossom-themed party favors such as cherry blossom-scented candles or soap, or small potted cherry blossom plants.

Remember to keep the decorations subtle and elegant, and use pastel or soft colors to create a calming and serene atmosphere for the baby shower.

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